Read on to discover how the Velocity Pricing System Coaching Program works, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and learn about Brad Stillahn and Beau Ganas.

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Velocity Pricing System Coaching Program

The primary goal of the Velocity Pricing System is to substantially increase your shop’s Net Profit. That’s the bottom-line.

Originally developed by Brad Stillahn in the late 1990’s for use in the job shop he owned, it has now been systematized and successfully implemented in a myriad of complex custom job shops, machine shops, and custom manufacturers of all sizes, types, and a wide variety of industries.

The Velocity Pricing System was the first comprehensive pricing system to be based on the concepts in Throughput Accounting, and it still is, as of today, the only such complete system in existence!

The Velocity Pricing System is comprehensive, meaning it links the “big picture” perspective of the shop’s financial objectives to the individual jobs themselves. This allows the Velocity Pricing System to effectively guide decisions on specific quoting opportunities, considering the type of job, market segment(s) served, and any items of perceived value to the customer.

These are what we call “Special Circumstances.” It’s the Special Circumstances that make job shops and the jobs they work on unique, different, and special. Other methods of pricing overlook, ignore, and don’t account for Special Circumstances. However, the Velocity Pricing System has been designed from the very beginning to help your shop account for and properly quote and price jobs based on their Special Circumstances.

Now, in order to do substantially increase your shop’s Net Profit, there’s two requirements that must be met:

  1. To ensure enough of the “right” sales.
    • By ensuring a high-enough win rate on quotes.
    • By ensuring a good job mix for productivity.
  2. To ensure enough net profit.
    • By ensuring that all variable and fixed costs are covered.
    • By ensuring a high-enough margin on jobs.

The Velocity Pricing System has been designed to tell you:

  1. How you can significantly improve your shop’s productivity and take the results straight to the bottom-line.
  2. How you can identify the most lucrative market segments, customers, jobs, and services for your shop to focus on.
  3. How you can improve your mix of business so that each and every job profitably and quickly flows through your shop.

11-Step Process of Velocity Pricing System Coaching Program

The Velocity Pricing System, and its 11-Step process, has been designed such that each successive Step builds towards substantially increasing your shop’s Net Profit.

These steps are delivered via live coaching sessions with Brad and Beau as well as with videos, which contain in-depth discussion and review of the associated concepts to guide you through each 11-Steps.

With each of the 11-Steps, there is homework assigned for your shop to complete. Once your team has completed the assigned homework, we then review the homework on a call.

This process continues until your improved pricing system is developed. We expect to meet often to review the assigned homework, but we go at your pace – either faster or slower.

That means if you’re in a rush, we can move quickly or if you prefer to go slow, that’s fine too. The Velocity Pricing System has been designed to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be.

Many companies utilize the calls with us as their “management meeting” to keep everyone focused on the key improvement priorities for the company.

We guide your through the development, implementation, and customization of your improved pricing system so you can make pricing decisions that you and your team agree on with confidence and clarity. The Velocity Pricing System has been designed to support and guide you to your customized and improved pricing system, not force you into a one-size-fits-all approach that may not work for your shop.

While your system is under development, we work with you and your team to understand the differences between your current cost-based system and your new and improved pricing system so that everyone is on the same page and ready to hit the ground running when it’s ready to roll out.

Our involvement is to guide your company through the implementation process using our unique combination of knowledge, skills, and experience. We help to ensure a thorough and effective understanding of your business, specific environment, and Special Circumstances is gained as you implement the Velocity Pricing System so as to lower the risk of you making mistakes and increase the probability of substantially increasing your shop’s Net Profit.

If you are interested, there’s only three steps to take:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Velocity Pricing System

How do I sign up for Velocity Pricing System?

First we need to make sure that your shop is a good fit with a free Strategy Session. Please contact us to request a free Strategy Session by clicking on the “Contact” tab of the Menu bar, filling out the form and submitting your request.  

Once we receive your request for a Strategy Session, we will email you to schedule a call as soon as mutually convenient to discuss YOUR shop, YOUR Special Circumstances, and what is YOUR potential for substantially increased Net Profit.

The Strategy Session is FREE, but we will ask you to do a little homework ahead of time.  This way we can really understand your situation to determine what might be possible for you and to weed out anyone who is not willing to do the work necessary to get results.

You may be thinking the Strategy Session will be a high pressure or sleazy sales presentation. The Strategy Session is actually a call with both Brad and Beau to evaluate how much more money the Velocity Pricing System can add to your bottom line and learn if you and your shop would be good candidates for the Velocity Pricing System.

Together, we will review the homework we ask you to prepare ahead of time and we will go deep to determine if the Velocity Pricing System will benefit you and how high is up for your shop. We will review and discuss your situation while gaining an understanding of what makes your shop unique, different and special.

We don’t know if the Velocity Pricing System will work for you. It has to be customized for your unique situation and Special Circumstances. That’s the purpose of the Strategy Session, to determine if you can substantially increase your Net Profit. If you can’t we will tell you.

We won’t be making a decision on the call, so there’s no pressure play going on here. We’re not selling timeshares. You may think because we’re pricing experts we’re going to try and sell you on an expensive program, but that’s not the case either.

We are interested in your future success, because when you succeed, we succeed. We want to see you to succeed, and we can help you do so!

No matter your situation, you will gain tremendous value from requesting a Strategy Session:


I’ve been in introductory sessions before that I considered to be a waste of time           

– usually it’s all marketing and no depth.

My initial discussion with Brad and Beau was very different from what I expected; they grasped my situation very quickly which led to an in-depth and focused discussion about my business.

Real ideas were offered which allowed me to start working on my problems right away.

  • Paul H., Job Shop Owner

How much does the Velocity Pricing System cost?

We are often asked if shops should wait to sign up for the Velocity Pricing System until they improve their cash flow, their level of sales improve, or they may be hesitant to sign up if their shop has just lost a customer.

Our advice would be to go ahead and contact us to request a free Strategy Session sooner, versus later. The reason being is that the Velocity Pricing System can help you no matter where you are – whether you’re making money, treading water, or taking on water.

We have a proprietary pricing model that makes the Velocity Pricing System a great value. In fact, our pricing approach is so unique that we only disclose it once we are under a Mutual Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement on a free Strategy Session.

If you’re interested, contact us to request a free Strategy Session by clicking here.

Should I implement the Velocity Pricing System or the Velocity Scheduling System first?

Which of the two Systems you decide to implement first is up to you and largely dependent upon your situation. The Systems are complementary to one another and we find that when done together clients enjoy improvement in both their operational and financial performance.

Although they can be done independently, we see the two Systems acting as catalysts for one another: not necessary, but when done together they dramatically increase the impact of either one done individually.

Do the Velocity Scheduling System first if long lead times and low due date performance are jeopardizing your performance the most, as it helps your shop “get more jobs done faster with the same people and resources” (cut lead time and get on time). When your operations are responsive and reliable the Velocity Pricing System can then be implemented to help you translate the responsiveness and reliability that VSS has created into better profitability.

Alternatively, do the Velocity Pricing System if you are struggling financially or are up against stiff competition with your pricing. As we go through the Velocity Pricing System, it’s not uncommon that we find that VSS can be one of the most impactful productivity improvements a shop can make which can be leveraged in their pricing.

Thus, it really depends on your starting point and the most pressing challenges that you’re facing.

Now, if you are able to implement only of the Systems, but do not have the support for the other at first, that’s fine too – start with the System your team is willing to try. There’s no disadvantage to this route and it’s likely once your team goes through either System your team will see the tremendous value that the other System can bring to your shop.

Are there benefits to doing both the Velocity Pricing System and the Velocity Scheduling System together?

When done together, you will be positioned to capitalize on the unique value of having both Systems implemented together. With the Velocity Scheduling System (VSS), you are able to “get more jobs done faster with the same people and resources”. With the Velocity Pricing System, you have “a complete system to understand your capacity and job costs so you can quote faster, win more work, while ensuring every job is profitable.”

Taken together VSS gives you significantly improved productivity that can be capitalized on with the Velocity Pricing System to substantially increase your Net Profit.

What do you mean by “Special Circumstances”?

Let’s suppose you are in the same type of business as your competitor, you would share many similarities.  Now what do we know about job shops? Each one is unique, different, and special in its own way.

When it comes to pricing, we really need to embrace those differences, as well as any market and customer conditions unique to your shop.  These are what we call “Special Circumstances”.

You may have different types of customers, different competitors, different equipment, different employees, different capabilities and so on.  The list of differences between you and your competitors is a very long list when you have a full understanding of yourself and them.

It’s these differences that must be accounted for in your pricing. Tailoring your pricing process by considering all your important differences in a systematic way is crucial to substantially increasing your Net Profit.

If you do not recognize and appropriately incorporate your Special Circumstances into your pricing system you may be leaving dollars on the table.  You may even disregard markets or opportunities because of not understanding your Special Circumstances.  Perhaps worst of all, you could have filled your shop with work that could have made you significantly more money had you just understood and priced for these Special Circumstances.

Developing your understanding of how to account for your shop’s Special Circumstances is one of the major benefits of the Velocity Pricing System. 

In fact, the system is designed to identify your Special Circumstances from past jobs, experience, and your intuition. Many times, owners will describe many Special Circumstances that have been unknowingly ignored in their pricing for years. We help you identify and highlight these opportunities that may have been overlooked for years.

This often comes as a total “surprise” to those on the call. This “surprise” generally results in a completely different way of looking at your business. Many owners have remarked, “I have learned so much about my business,” and it’s coming from developing their understanding of their Special Circumstances.

Do not overlook capturing the value of your Special Circumstances in your pricing system.  Pricing is not just facts and formulas. Special Circumstances include the numerous and wide-ranging considerations that influence pricing from one job to another.

I have a mix of production work and job shop work. Will the Velocity Pricing System handle both types of work?

Yes. The Velocity Pricing System is designed to help you price the most complex type of work out there – the type of work found in a job shop. If you have production work, although not as demanding as job shop work typically is, your production work can also significantly benefit from the tools, techniques, and insights provided by the Velocity Pricing System. It’s why we call it a complete system to understand your capacity and job costs so you can quote faster, win more work, while ensuring every job is profitable!

If you’re interested, contact us to request a free Strategy Session by clicking here.

Will Velocity Pricing System if my shop has maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) or field service work?

Yes, definitely. In fact, we find that the Velocity Pricing System can conquer the complexities, challenges, and extraordinary environment of MRO and field service very well. We have had many clients in these fields work with us and we have developed industry-leading pricing solutions to their unique problems.

What makes shops that work in MRO and field service so unique is the very intractable problem of how to use the same resources to be reliable and responsive at the same time. The Velocity Pricing System has a unique solution that is an integral part of how shops that do MRO or field service work should approach their pricing.

We’re a very complex shop. We have specialized capabilities and have VERY demanding customers. Will the Velocity Pricing System handle all these factors?

Yes.  In fact, the more specialized you are, the greater opportunity we believe exists.  We love to find job shops that run what we call “custom-custom” jobs because we believe they create a greater opportunity for a substantial increase in Net Profit.

Together, we will determine what is “the essence” of what you do.  While your job shop is undoubtedly complex, the Velocity Pricing System will help reduce the “noise” and help you sift out what’s critical to your pricing system. And with this understanding of what is critical to your pricing you can then enjoy a substantial increase in your Net Profit.

Do you work with small shops? Do you work with large shops?

Yes, and Yes.  After working for larger companies with access to excellent resources, Brad bought and owned a small job shop and was appalled by the lack of world-class consulting resources available to smaller job shops.  And when he could find the resources, they were invariably very expensive.

So, learning from that experience, the Velocity Pricing System is affordable for job shops of all sizes.  The online conference calls avoid the need for expensive travel and expensive day rates. 

The time saved means we can more effectively help you implement the Velocity Pricing System.

This free Strategy Session is just another sales presentation, right?

You may be saying to yourself, “This is just a useless sales presentation”. Well you’re wrong on two counts. First, it has been of value to many people (see #1 above).

Secondly, and perhaps surprisingly, it’s not a sales presentation. We don’t use a sales process, but rather a selection process to find our clients. We want to work with those owners and shops that are most motivated to substantially increase their Net Profit.

That’s what the Strategy Session is all about – determining if you and your shop are a good fit for the Velocity Pricing System.

If you’re interested, contact us to request a free Strategy Session by clicking here.

Is this about just getting rid of “unprofitable” customers?

No, the Velocity Pricing System is not about getting rid of “unprofitable” customers.

Throughput Accounting provides a totally different perspective regarding the meaning of “unprofitable”. The Velocity Pricing System system explains this new paradigm and provides the tools you need to select the “winners” and not “losers”, in terms of both customers and jobs.

It’s likely that the customers and jobs you consider to be “winners” and “losers” today may not be the “winners” and “losers” under the Velocity Pricing System. In fact, it’s likely that some of the “winners” are “losers” and some of the “losers” are “winners”.

But, please realize there is a lot more to it than that, which is all explained in the Velocity Pricing System.

You’re just going to tell us to raise prices, right?

Raising prices is very risky.  It could jeopardize not only the job, but also the customer.  It is hard enough to win the business in the first place, so raising prices must be done judiciously, if at all.

All the other options should be evaluated first.

For example, we are going to tell you to improve productivity.  We want you to improve overall productivity, and productivity on individual jobs.  Especially for those jobs that that are not performing as well as other jobs (see #2 above).

We want you to understand your preferred market segments and preferred job mix.  We want you to have a robust sales funnel full of excellent opportunities.

We want you to understand your competition.  We want you to understand how their insistence on using cost accounting has blinded them to opportunities and provided you a price umbrella on a significant amount of business that would be a good, profitable fit for your shop.

Once you have done that, maybe there will be some jobs that do require price increases.  But we will not have to tell you.  Rather, with all the information in the Velocity Pricing System you will be telling us which jobs, why, and by how much with confidence, clarity, and strength of purpose.

What do you mean by “substantially increase Net Profit”?

During the Strategy Session, we will discuss what might be possible for your job shop as we review your financials presented in a Throughput Accounting format.

Our starting assumption is that Net Profit can be increased by as much as 10 percentage points in the first year of implementation and then to 20% or more Net Profit over time.

(Note: we don’t mean a 10% or 20% increase in Net Profit. We’re talking about taking a shop from a 5% return to a 20% return. That’s a 4x increase in that case. You may be saying this is crazy or unbelievable, but click here to check out the Success Stories to see for yourself.)

Of course, there are a myriad of factors that may affect that negatively. We want you to be prudent.

Our aim is to help you maximize your profitability without you taking real risks in a competitive marketplace.  You are always in control and decide what prices you quote. 

If you’re interested, contact us to request a free Strategy Session by clicking here.

I’ve worked with consultants in the past who have over promised, under-delivered and cost me a lot of money. How do I know you guys are different?

We could go on and on about how we look for win-win solutions, how we’re both under ethical obligations to various professional bodies, our personal values, mission statement, etc. We ourselves have experienced that too many times, people will say those things and not actually mean it.

To be honest, until you have a free Strategy Session with us, you don’t. We’re confident once we get to know one another during the Strategy Session and we walk you through our pricing model, you’ll see that we’re different and not making false promises.

If you’re interested, contact us to request a free Strategy Session by clicking here.

Can the Velocity Pricing System reduce the time it takes to quote a job?

Yes, it can.  The Velocity Pricing System will help you identify the parameters required for quoting and help you to systematize your quoting process so that quotes can be issued not only much more quickly, but also much more consistently as well.

Many shop owners have told us that their quoting before the Velocity Pricing System was like a “mystery”, “black box”, or some form of “voodoo” and they did not feel comfortable that their quoting was generating profitable and reliable pricing on a consistent basis.

For example, in the job shop Brad owned, even though every job was custom, his customer service team could provide a quote on the phone in response to an inquiry while competitors took a day or more to respond to the same RFQ. Talk about a competitive edge!

You may think this is impossible.  And with the way you quote now, it is.  We know it is possible because we have a different and better way of looking at how you quote with the Velocity Pricing System.

If you’re interested, contact us to request a free Strategy Session by clicking here.

We waste a lot of time estimating and quoting because we only win a small percentage of our quotes. Will the Velocity Pricing System help improve our win-rate?

One opportunity to increase your win-rate will come from selecting the type of jobs and market segments you prefer.  As you become expert at these, and “no-quote” jobs that are not a good fit, you have a higher chance of winning the quotes that are a good fit for your shop.

Another opportunity to increase your win-rate is quoting with “competitive” times.  If you have ineffective equipment and people, you are probably using your actual times in your job cost estimating and quoting process.  That is a recipe for losing the quote! 

But losing the quote might actually be preferred, because the margin on the job using your ineffective resources might be very low – too low.  You may be better off to “no quote” these jobs as well. It all depends on your Special Circumstances.

My customers are VERY price sensitive and only buy on price. Can I still benefit from the Velocity Pricing System?

Yes!  In fact, in many cases we do not recommend price increases for this and a number of other reasons.

Knowing how to significantly improve productivity is one of key benefits when “The Number” is used as the prime measure for your shop.  What this means is that you can substantially increase your Net Profit through gains in productivity – not in price increases.

“The Number” is only found in the Velocity Pricing System.

Seriously, we can’t raise prices – we’re under contract.

It’s likely you’re saying to yourself, “Everyone has a little bit of wiggle room in their pricing – no surprise there – but our shop is under contract for most, if not all the pricing on our jobs. We literally just can’t raise prices because we’re under existing contracts with our customers.”


Well, as you know, there are many things that impact your pricing, and what you charge is an outcome of all those factors.


Well, suppose you were to begin to differently manage those items which impact your pricing: operations, marketing, quoting methods, etc. You may find that you can make the money you want without raising prices – truly a win-win scenario.


For example, we worked with a company that co-developed products with big chemical companies like Dow, DuPont, and 3M. The big companies would send in their teams to develop the product, and in so doing they knew everything about the customer’s process: the cost of material, the machines they used, the speed of the machines, output each hour, so on and so forth.


Would you believe they are one of the best examples we have of how to make more money without raising prices? That’s exactly what they did – they made more money without raising prices (or buying a machine) – despite being under contract and literally not having any ability to raise prices. To learn more about their success with the Velocity Pricing System, click here.


We’ve seen these circumstances before and have designed the Velocity Pricing System to incorporate all aspects of your shop that influence your pricing. It’s all inside of the Velocity Pricing System.


Don’t let this stop you from taking the next step, contacting us to request a free Strategy Session, and substantially increasing your shop’s Net Profit.

What if I don’t have good data?

It’s not an obstacle we can’t overcome in the Velocity Pricing System.

A common concern companies have before starting the Velocity Pricing System is the quality of their data. Some companies have excellent data, while most have somewhat suspect data, and a few have unreliable data.

However, we can work through the process effectively no matter what quality of data you have because we can make some reasonable estimations when and where required, and/or you can make improvements in your data tracking during the implementation.

It is not necessary to implement a new ERP system before starting. In fact, while implementing the Velocity Pricing System, many companies alter their existing ERP implementations to better fit their new pricing systems.

Can the Velocity Pricing System show me how to reduce my costs on my jobs?

It’s a good question to ask, but we approach this question from a totally different paradigm.

You see, many of the costs you’re probably referring to we don’t consider to actually be “costs of a job”. Costs like direct labor and overhead.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to cover those costs – we certainly are, plus a healthy margin as well – we just have a completely different and better system to cover those costs and produce a profit.

How can I get my team on board?

Now you might be saying to yourself, “I’d love to do this, but my team will never go along with me.” Don’t fret, the Velocity Pricing System has been built with recognition of resistance to change in mind.

The Velocity Pricing System has been designed in such a way that your team helps create the solution for your shop. That means you are getting a fully customized solution which everyone has helped to develop and agrees will work in your shop.

One of the best successes that we have had was with a shop that came together as a team to work on the Velocity Pricing System. In fact, they replaced their weekly management meetings with meetings dedicated to implementing the Velocity Pricing System because they found it to be time well spent working on the most important priorities in their shop.

The Velocity Pricing System has been designed to help you and your team come together in a collaborative manner to find the best way for your shop to substantially increase your Net Profit.

If you’re interested, contact us to request a free Strategy Session by clicking here.

How much time do we need to dedicate to implementing the Velocity Pricing System?

You can dedicate as much or as little time as you want to because we go at your pace. 

Most of the homework assignments take a few hours, at most, to prepare by someone who is good at spreadsheets.  Those trusted employees that prepare the homework really seem to enjoy the challenge and opportunity to show their skills.

Many times, you’ll find the analysis so informative that you’ll continue to enhance the analysis above and beyond our initial request.

We find that many clients take time and make the time for doing their homework in the Velocity Pricing System as it establishes the key priorities that the shop as a whole is working on as it’s doing what other initiatives have failed to do: substantially increase their Net Profit.

Who will we work with?

The Velocity Pricing System is delivered by Brad Stillahn and Beau Ganas, Throughput Accounting Pricing Experts, Science of Business, Inc.

Brad developed the Velocity Pricing System and has years of experience helping job shops customize it to account for their Special Circumstances.

Beau has furthered the system developed by Brad and helps brings owners into the new “Throughput World” paradigm of the Velocity Pricing System and away from the distortions of the “cost world”.

He’s also a CPA and Certified Management Account (CMA) who is expert at Throughput Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Information Systems.

Together, they’ll help you implement the Velocity Pricing System.

Who from our shop should be involved to implement the Velocity Pricing System?

There’s no “right answer” per se, but allow us to explain a few situations where we’ve had tremendous success and hopefully you can determine what’s best your shop.

Core Team Approach

We’ve had many shops that bring together “core team” to go through the Velocity Pricing System together. They meet as a group and discuss what they’re learning and the improvements they wish on our calls.

With this approach, there emerges one person who takes on the task of preparing the homework for our calls. Typically, they have strong Excel skills and are considered key employees. This person generally has a bit of the “inside track” as to how the business really operates and find the homework to be good opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge.

Many times, when using this approach, the shop we’re working with may use our calls as management team meetings as they find that we’re working on the highest priority issues for the shop as a whole. This can be an effective approach if you have a close management team that works well together.


Lone Ranger Approach

Some shops don’t have a large team, or the owner may prefer to go through the Velocity Pricing System and then communicate the insights throughout the shop, as they implement improvements.

We often find that many shop owners have a key employee they see as a trusted advisor in the business and may have that person join them in working on Velocity Pricing System.

This can be an effective approach is you’re a smaller shop or if other members of your management team have limited availability.


Situational Approach

The Situational Approach is a hybrid of the other two approaches described above. We’ve had some shops that have the owner and perhaps a key employee or two on each of our calls with other select members of the team joining the calls as they pertain to an area of the business they are involved with.

For example, if we were discussing sales, perhaps some of the salespeople and sales support personnel may join a call. In examining your operations, it may be useful to have the shop manager, foremen, and other such individuals on a call.

This approach allows for a core team to work with us in planning improvements while brining in the experience and expertise of others in the company as needed.

We find this approach to be particularly useful when English is not the primary language of the team or time zones preclude everyone from being together at the same time.


Hopefully you can use the above illustrations to determine what’s best for you and your shop. Also, keep in mind we can discuss this during the Strategy Session.

If you’re interested, contact us to request a free Strategy Session by clicking here.

How much time will you devote to customizing the Velocity Pricing System to our job shop?

As much as it takes based on a professionally respectful relationship and with the assumption that you’re committed to doing what’s required in the Velocity Pricing System. 

We provide all the necessary knowledge transfer, guidance and coaching, and also make resources available to you for tailoring the Velocity Pricing System to your shop and your Special Circumstances.

Once you “get it”, you’ll be doing the customizing and then checking with us to make sure you got it right and you aren’t taking unnecessary risks.

We’re in this for your success over the long haul.

Do I have to share my financials with everyone at my shop to do the Velocity Pricing System?

No, not unless you want to. We recognize the value of having your team aligned to good measures, but we are not fans of open book management.

We have a unique set of measures that we provide to you in the Velocity Pricing System that gets your team focused on improving, without having to see or understand your b.

Thus, for the shop owner that wants to keep the financials private, the Velocity Pricing System has been designed so that your team has the right measures needed for success and you’re able to maintain confidentiality over your financial statements.

Thus, there’s no need for everyone at the shop to know the company’s bottom line, yet we can still help you substantially increase your Net Profit.

What do I do next?

First: Read the eBook –>  Second: Watch the webinar –> Third: Contact us to request a Strategy Session.

Brad Stillahn

Brad Stillahn

As the owner of West Tape and Label / Adstick Custom Labels in the late 1990’s, Brad developed the world’s first comprehensive system – for costing, quoting, and pricing to make more money – based on the Theory of Constraint's (TOC) Throughput Accounting.  (see video below)  With Science of Business, he expanded the Velocity Pricing System to ensure that it would work universally for complex custom job shops, machine shops, and custom manufacturers of all sizes, types, and a wide variety of industries.

Brad was Director of Corporate Marketing for Menasha Corporation, a large privately held, multi-divisional company based in Wisconsin. He previously held a variety of management responsibilities at Owens-Illinois, a publicly traded multibillion-dollar packaging company.

Brad is TOCIO certified as a TOC Expert, is a Certified Exit Planner (CExP) by the Business Enterprise Institute, and has APICS certifications in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and Integrated Resource Management (CIRM). He received his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Beau Ganas

Beau Ganas

Beau Ganas is the Throughput Accounting Guru! He’s a CPA, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Information Systems Auditor and is TOCICO certified as a TOC Expert. He holds degrees in accounting, management information systems, and a master’s in taxation from the University of Georgia.

During his tenure in public accounting, Beau specialized in the application of cost accounting to internal decision making and external reporting. He understands every aspect of financial management in great detail, and every costing method in between, both for external financial reporting and internal decision making.

Beau has also served as the Controller of a specialized steel products manufacturer, developing Mine Resistant Armored Protected vehicles and other heavy steel products.

Beau believes that the Velocity Pricing System and Throughput Accounting can create a viable vision (i.e. a substantially increased Net Profit beyond what owners believe to be possible). He believes this is the way forward for Throughput Accounting, the Theory of Constraints, and has far reaching implications from how companies are managed, all the way to improving external financial reporting for publicly traded companies.

For Beau, it started out as a simple journey to be a great accountant who could help his clients make more money and has transformed into a life’s work to help people go further than they thought possible ever before.

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