Video: The 3 Fatal Flaws of Pricing

 Free Resource – How the 3 Fatal Flaws Make Quoting A Time Stealer and a Profit Killer.


WARNING: If you are in love with your cost-based quoting process, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO RESOURCE.

This video resource exposes the 3 Fatal Flaws of cost-based quoting. The same flaws that the Velocity Pricing System overcomes as it is a complete system to understand your capacity and job costs so you can quote faster, win more work, while ensuring every job is profitable!

You should only watch this video if you desire to take control of your shop’s profitability.

The 3 Fatal Flaws of Pricing

The FREE video resource covers:

  • How you have come to be trapped in the “Endless, Time Stealing, Profit Killing, Debate Over Quoting.”
  • The 3 Fatal Flaws of cost-based quoting.
  • The next steps you need to take in order to finally fix the 3 Fatal Flaws, once and for all.

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