How to Determine Job Costs to

Quote with Confidence & Win More Jobs

While Not Leaving Money on the Table

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This Job Costing MINI-MASTERCLASS covers:

  • how to ensure you have the right job cost and quoted price
  • how to have complete confidence in your quotes
  • how to win more jobs without leaving money on the table
  • why your current costing method doesn’t work
  • the Velocity Pricing System approach

We focus on how to overcome the challenges of pricing / quoting jobs in a highly custom job shop, machine shop, or custom manufacturer. No matter if you never have a job that repeats, provide field service, perform repair, work with OEMs, have production work, or anything in between – this MINI-MASTERCLASS is for you. Nothing is held back. During the Mini-Masterclass you will learn what you need to do to begin to fix your quoting!

This MINI-MASTERCLASS was developed by Dr Lisa Lang, Brad Stillahn and Beau Ganas.  Beau Ganas, our resident CPA, is the presenter.  

Meet the Brad Stillahn and Beau Ganas

Brad Stillahn LinkedIn

Brad Stillahn

Brad is the foremost expert in the world for applying Theory of Constraints to pricing.  He developed his pricing expertise as a business owner and then a consultant helping clients to develop Quick Quoting and Pricing strategies...

Beau Ganas Throughput Accounting Guru 500tall

Beau Ganas

Beau is a traditionally trained accountant who discovered through experience that typical accounting practices are misleading companies and hindering success.  He now helps companies transition to throughput based systems and metrics...

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