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Contact us to request a free Strategy Session to discuss YOUR shop, YOUR Special Circumstances and how the Velocity Pricing System can help YOU quote faster, win more work, while ensuring every job is profitable! To request a free Strategy Session, submit your information below. Once we receive this information, we will email you to schedule a day and time for our Strategy Session. The Strategy Session is free, private, and confidential so that we can go deep and understand YOUR shop and Special Circumstances.

During the session we’ll discuss YOUR company and YOUR unique pricing, quoting and estimating challenges. We’ll uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging YOUR ability to profitability quote and win jobs. We will go deep into YOUR pricing challenges! And we’ll also do an assessment and show you what’s possible for YOUR shop in terms of a substantial increase in Net Profit with the Velocity Pricing System.

Thanks for taking the time to invest in yourself and your company. Someone will be emailing you shortly to schedule a Strategy Session.

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Brad Stillahn and Beau Ganas

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What are your biggest pricing, costing, estimating, quoting and profitability challenges?

 “I’ve been in introductory sessions before that I considered to be a waste of time – usually it’s all marketing and no depth.  My initial discussion with Brad and Beau was very different from what I expected; they grasped my situation very quickly which led to an in-depth and focused discussion about my business.  Real ideas were offered which allowed me to start working on my problems right away.” – Paul H., Job Shop Owner

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