Free Job Shop Exit Planning Checklist

In our FREE Job Shop Exit Planning Checklist we help you determine if you’re ready to start the exit process now or if there are gaps between what you want out of your exit and you can do to close those gaps. We have compiled over 30 questions designed to do just that – these are the same questions we ask our clients when they tell us they’re wanting to set themselves and their businesses up for an exit.

Are you ready to exit? Will your business provide enough for you to accomplish all of your goals? What gaps do you need to close? Find out with our FREE Job Shop Exit Planning Checklist!

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Job Shop Exit Planning Checklist


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Job Shop Exit Planning Checklist

In our Job Shop Exit Planning Checklist we help you to dive deep in the following areas:

  • Personal: Do you know what you want from your exit? Do you know what you need from your exit?
  • Financial Performance: Does your business have the financial performance which allows you to comfortably exit? If not, where are the gaps?
  • Operations: Do you have a well oiled machine or are your operations in need of better systems and processes?
  • Exit Administration & Procedural: There’s much more than just hiring a business broker and drafting a sales agreement…have you thought it all the way through? Are you setup for success?
  • Accounting & Business Administration: Well maintained accounting and administrative records can be a great asset in a sale, or a major stumbling block. Do you need improvement in this area?
  • Customers: A buyer will be very interested in your customer base and how they affect your business. Have you analyzed your customers from a buyer’s perspective?
  • Risk Management: Clear out any skeletons in your closet! If you don’t, they linger, waiting for just the right moment to derail your exit.
  • Equity/Ownership Issues: Your entity structure and the ownership of your business is another KEY area that you need to have in order BEFORE you put your business up for sale. Getting it right can be all the difference between a smooth exit and one that falls apart along the way.

We (Brad and Beau) have helped numerous job shops increase their net profit, cash flow AND position their business so the owners could have a successful exit. The Velocity Pricing System – which is a complete system to understand your capacity and job costs so you can quote faster, win more work, while ensuring every job is profitable, actually has all the tools embedded within to help you prepare for your exit.

How can a pricing system help you with your exit?

Well, in order to do pricing, you must know the business inside and out. While working with our clients to substantially increase their net profit, we do in fact touch on almost every area of their business, and if we know they are attempting to position the business so the owners can exit, we incorporate that awareness into our process so not only do our clients receive a complete pricing strategy, they’re also primed to exit their business!

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