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“I’ve been in introductory sessions before that I considered to be a waste of time – usually it’s all marketing and no depth. My initial discussion with Brad and Beau was very different from what I expected; they grasped my situation very quickly which led to an in-depth and focused discussion about my business. Real ideas were offered which allowed me to start working on my problems right away.” – Paul H., Job Shop Owner, Utah, US

Brad Stillahn

Brad Stillahn

As the owner of West Tape and Label / Adstick Custom Labels in the late 1990’s, Brad developed the world’s first comprehensive system – for costing, quoting, and pricing to make more money – based on the Theory of Constraint's (TOC) Throughput Accounting.  (see video below)  With Science of Business, he expanded the Velocity Pricing System to ensure that it would work universally for complex custom job shops, machine shops, and custom manufacturers of all sizes, types, and a wide variety of industries.

Brad was Director of Corporate Marketing for Menasha Corporation, a large privately held, multi-divisional company based in Wisconsin. He previously held a variety of management responsibilities at Owens-Illinois, a publicly traded multibillion-dollar packaging company.

Brad is TOCIO certified as a TOC Expert, is a Certified Exit Planner (CExP) by the Business Enterprise Institute, and has APICS certifications in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and Integrated Resource Management (CIRM). He received his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Beau Ganas

Beau Ganas

Beau Ganas is the Throughput Accounting Guru! He’s a CPA, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Information Systems Auditor and is TOCICO certified as a TOC Expert. He holds degrees in accounting, management information systems, and a master’s in taxation from the University of Georgia.

During his tenure in public accounting, Beau specialized in the application of cost accounting to internal decision making and external reporting. He understands every aspect of financial management in great detail, and every costing method in between, both for external financial reporting and internal decision making.

Beau has also served as the Controller of a specialized steel products manufacturer, developing Mine Resistant Armored Protected vehicles and other heavy steel products.

Beau believes that the Velocity Pricing System and Throughput Accounting can create a viable vision (i.e. a substantially increased Net Profit beyond what owners believe to be possible). He believes this is the way forward for Throughput Accounting, the Theory of Constraints, and has far reaching implications from how companies are managed, all the way to improving external financial reporting for publicly traded companies.

For Beau, it started out as a simple journey to be a great accountant who could help his clients make more money and has transformed into a life’s work to help people go further than they thought possible ever before.

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