Free Financial & Cash Management Checkup for Job Shops


If you’d like help applying the concepts from the webinar to your shop, we are offering a free, confidential, no-obligation “financial health and cash management checkup”.  We will send you the Excel file and during the checkup we will:

  1. Review your financial projections and discuss potential scenarios.
  2. Review your balance sheet for potential sources of cash.
  3. Evaluate the sources of cash that are available to you.

To request a free financial and cash management checkup, submit your information. We’ll discuss YOUR special circumstances and unique situation.   Once we receive this information, we will email you to schedule a day and time. The session is free, private, and confidential.

Thanks for taking the time to invest in yourself and your company. Someone will be emailing you shortly to schedule your free financial and cash management checkup. 

Wishing You Success,

Brad Stillahn and Beau Ganas

P.S. There is no charge or strings for this free checkup.

Enter your information: 


That’s all we need to get you scheduled (click the submit button below), but if you’d like to provide a little more information we can get really focused on our call.




Meet the Brad Stillahn and Beau Ganas

Brad Stillahn LinkedIn

Brad Stillahn

Brad is the foremost expert in the world for applying Theory of Constraints to pricing.  He developed his pricing expertise as a business owner and then a consultant helping clients to develop Quick Quoting and Pricing strategies...

Beau Ganas Throughput Accounting Guru 500tall

Beau Ganas

Beau is a traditionally trained accountant who discovered through experience that typical accounting practices are misleading companies and hindering success.  He now helps companies transition to throughput based systems and metrics...

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